DOCT (DocTailor)

DocTailor token

UPDATE: This project website is not working anymore. So DOCT token has a delisted status starting from January 08, 2021.

What is a DOCT token?

DocTailor (DOCT) is an Ethereum based utility token applied on the DocTailor platform.

Total distribution is 500,000,000,000 DOCT only!

What is the DocTailor platform?

Starting from September 2019, the DocTailor platform will allow Accountants, Lawyers, brokers, insurance, bankers, other professionals, and individuals to create Smart Legal Contracts & Agreements with Escrows on Leading Blockchains.
The main advantage is that creating and deploying smart legal contracts and agreements will not require developer experience.

The demand for DOCT token will be supported by the need to pay for a subscription fee due to the price plan chosen and pay for escrows as well.
DocTailor team expects that over 100,000 businesses worldwide will be using the platform when launched in full.

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