Learn How To Deposit TLS Bounty Stakes

Deposit TLS bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance in three simple steps.

TLS Bounty stakes depositing
How to deposit TLSGroup bounty stakes

1. After signing up or logging Tokpie, open Collateralize Asset page, and select TLS bounty stakes title that you want to deposit.

The following TLSGroup (TLS) Bounty stakes are available for collateralization and depositing:
– TLS_CA_Stake_Signature
– TLS_CA_Stake_YouTube
– TLS_CA_Stake_Blog
– TLS_CA_Stake_Twitter
– TLS_CA_Stake_Facebook
– TLS_CA_Stake_LinkedIn

2. Enter the number of bounty stakes you want to deposit.

You can deposit any quantity of TLS bounty stakes.

Note: In the grey fields you can see how much TKP tokens are required for collateral and how much TKP available on your Tokpie account balance.
Important: if bounty fails Tokpie returns collateral to you!

3. Click on the [Collateralize & Deposit] green button.

After pressing on the green button, a new line appears in the Collateralized Assets table as shown below.

Trade TLS bounty stakes after depositing
Successful TLSGroup bounty stakes depositing

Congratulations! You have just deposited bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance and can trade them by clicking on the ‘hummer’ icon.

In addition, know how to get TKP, ETH, USDC by selling bounty stakes and how then to get your collateral back.

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