Join RiveMont (RVMT) Bounty

Find the outline of the RiveMont bounty: conditions, spreadsheet, and bounty thread links.

RiveMont Bounty

RiveMont project starts a 2-months bounty with a 10,000 RVMT in the reward pool. This article contains the main bounty conditions and useful links to the bounty thread and spreadsheet.

What’s a RiveMont bounty duration?

The RiveMont bounty will be running for 8 weeks.

  • Start: January 26, 2021
  • End: March 22, 2021

Bounty Schedule

Bounty work will be available for eight weeks followed by final checking and RVMT distribution.

1 weekJanuary 26February 01
2 weekFebruary 02February 08
3 weekFebruary 09February 15
4 weekFebruary 16February 22
5 weekFebruary 23March 01
6 week March 02March 08
7 weekMarch 09March 15
8 weekMarch 16March 22
Final checkingMarch 23April 13
DistributionApril 14April 17

What are Bounty categories and allocation?

Here are the RiveMont bounty categories and bounty pool allocation.

  • Signature: 70%
  • Twitter: 15%
  • Facebook: 15%

What’s the Bounty reward?

Thanks to the Tokpie exchange, the participants of the RiveMont bounty will be able to get both: RVMT tokens on April 14-17, 2021, and ETH, USDC, TKP at any moment before distribution.

How to get a Reward in RVMT tokens?

The total reward pool for the bounty campaign is 10,000 RVMT tokens. This reward will be allocated among eligible participants in accordance with the number of bounty stakes they will earn due to March 22, 2021.

How to get a Reward in ETH, USDC, and TKP?

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for bounty distribution to receive the money! Every participant has an option to instantly get Etherum (ETH), USDC, and TKP by selling any amount of bounty stakes. Also, any Tokpie user can buy bounty stakes from hunters until distribution.

Distribution of RVMT tokens

The distribution of the RVMT tokens, in accordance with the amount of bounty stakes earned, will start on April 14, 2021. It will be finished on April 17, 2021.


The participants of RiveMont bounty don’t have to pass KYC!

Bitcointalk Bounty Thread

Join RiveMont bounty in the Bitcointalk thread

Bounty Spreadsheet

Check your status and bounty stakes in the spreadsheet.
Note that the spreadsheet will be updated 3 times during the campaign.

Final and Master spreadsheets

Find the final calculation of bounty stakes, stakes-to-tokens conversion rates, and a Master spreadsheet with the resulting rewards in RVMT tokens.

Final Bounty Spreadsheet

Master Spreadsheet

Useful links

For any questions about trading bounty stakes, contact Tokpie at