Discover the AgroCashX Project: xAGC Token

Learn how agribusiness can benefit from using the AgroCash X solution. Also, find a guide on how to trade xAGC on Tokpie.

trade xAGC tokens on Tokpie

Not a secret that agribusiness is suffering from inflation, economic cycles, and low access to financial services. Mainly that problems affect agro producers in emerging countries. Fortunately, the AgroCash X project offers a solution. Using the xAGC token, agribusinesses obtain a reliable and deflationary currency for commercial payments. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how the solution works. Also, you will get instructions on how to trade xAGC tokens on the Tokpie exchange.

UPDATE: the project is changing its token address. So, temporarily the trading function is stopped. However, users can withdraw their old tokens as usual.

What’s the AgroCash X project?

The AgroCash X is a crypto project that provides agriculture companies with a commercial transaction currency – AgroCashX (xAGC). With that purpose in mind, the developers build AGROCA$H X platform. It’ll help farmers and buyers to make fair and transparent deals. Moreover, counterparties can benefit from low-cost transactions and low tax rates. Also, users could send immediate transactions without third parties on the Binance blockchain.

What’s the xAGC token?

XAGC is the BEP20 (BSC) token with a 10% taxation rate. The purpose of that tax is to support businesses that join AgroCash X platform. So, all taxes go back to the ecosystem in the following way. 5% goes to the liquidity pool on PancaSwap. The rest, 5%, goes to all existing token-holders due to the number of tokens on their wallets. Moreover, four out of five percent automatically go to the burning wallet. As a result, companies that use $xAGC don’t need to worry about local fiat currencies’ inflation and exchange rates fluctuations.

How to buy xAGC token?

To purchase xAGC tokens for USDT do three simple steps:

  1. Fund your account with USDT. If you don’t have crypto, you can purchase USDT with a bank card in few minutes.
  2. Open the xAGC/USDT order book and place your trade order to buy. Use this instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw xAGC tokens to your personal BEP20 wallet or hold them on the account.

How to sell xAGC tokens?

To sell xAGC tokens for USDT do three simple steps:

  1. Deposit xAGC tokens into your account.
  2. Open the xAGC/USDT order book, and place your trade order to sell. Read the instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw USDT to your personal wallet (ERC20 / BEP20) or hold them on the account.

How to deposit xAGC token?

To deposit xAGC tokens into your Tokpie account, follow this guide. Also, make sure that you are going to deposit BEP20 tokens that relate to this smart contract address. If you deposit the wrong tokens or the wrong blockchain type, Tokpie could not identify your transfer.

Note: Tokpie doesn’t charge any fees for depositing.

How to withdraw xAGC token?

To withdraw xAGC tokens from your Tokpie account, use this instruction. Besides, you must have BEP20 compatible wallet address to be able to withdraw tokens. Also, check the withdrawal commission.


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