Get Passive Income: Farm with TKP Tokens

Learn how to earn up to 196% ROI. Get a guide to staking and farming by using Tokpie exchange tokens.

Thanks to this article, you’ll learn how to get a great return by farming popular altcoins with the TKP token on DEXs. For example, you can stake TKP tokens and BAMBOO through Binance Smart Chain on Bamboo’s DEX. As a result, you will be earning high-liquid cryptocurrency every second. Don’t be lazy and let your coins work. Start getting passive income now. 

Farm BAMBOO tokens

Bamboo’s farming pool generates 57.6 BAMBOO tokens every 24 hours. So, get your revenue share by providing Bamboo (BEP20) and TKP (BEP20) on the BambooDeFi DEX. Such staking and farming give the participants up to 196% APR return. To start earning, perform the following three steps:

1. Prepare TKP and BAMBOO

Ensure that your BEP20 wallet contains TKP and BAMBOO tokens running on Binance Smart Chain. If you don’t have them, use these PancakeSwap markets for purchasing:

Also, important to note that your wallet must have around 0.01 BNB for the gas fee payments. Find screenshots below that show the examples of acquiring BAMBOO and TKP. 

purchase TKP tokens
TKP’s purchasing on PancakeSwap.
purchase BAMBOO token
BAMBOO’s purchasing on PancakeSwap.


The next step is to get LP tokens by staking TKP+BAMBOO on the BambooDeFi decentralized exchange. Go to the pool page on BambooDeFi’s DEX. Then, connect your wallet (1), input BAMBOO’s amount (2), TKP’s amount (3), click on Approve button to confirm (4). Once approved, press the Supply button (5) and click on Validate.

Stake TKP and Bamboo tokens
Add TKP+Bamboo coins to the Pool.
Validate Staking
Supply’s validation.

Once completed, you’ll see LP tokens on your wallet via BSCscan.

Get LP tokens on your wallet
Check LP_tokens on your wallet.

3. Start BAMBOO farming

After getting LP-tokens, open the BAMBOO’s farming page, find TKP’s line and click on “Approve Staking.”

Start to farm with TKP and Bamboo
Initiate farming by staking LP-tokens.

Then, confirm the operation and click on Deposit. As a result, you will see a popup window where you need to click on Max and Validate. Finally, confirm LP tokens’ staking through the wallet. That’s it. Good job!

Validate LP-tokens provisioning
The farm’s validating.

How to track BAMBOO’s earnings

Once you have done the three steps above, wait for 15 minutes. Then, track your earnings and ROI on the farming page (image below). Note that you must connect your wallet to Bamboo’s DeFi DEX to see the rewards. 

How to withdraw the BAMBOO reward

Getting a reward is very simple. Open the Farm’s page, connect your wallet, press the Get Reward button, and confirm the transaction. As a result, you will receive BAMBOO coins directly on your BEP20 wallet in a few seconds. After that, you can cash out the rewards by selling BAMBOOs on any of these markets or re-investing them, as explained in this guide

Withdraw the rewards
Check the ROI & Profit: Get reward.

Other ways to get passive income with TKP

Additional options to obtain passive income with the help of TOKPIE tokens will appear in this article soon.

Stake BAMBOO Tokens to Get Passive Income

Use your BambooDeFi cryptocurrency to earn Competitive Returns. Forget about KYC, minimum amounts, and penalties for early repayments.

Bet you have never stake crypto in the way described below. So, forget about Ponzi schemes of staking that other projects usually utilize. The BambooDeFi team does not want to inflate BAMBOO tokens. They will not be gifting extra coins to people who hold. That’s why when you stake BAMBOO tokens on Tokpie, you earn interest paid by other users for borrowing. You can call it peer-to-peer staking.

How to stake Bamboo tokens?

The staking of BAMBOO tokens is the same as giving (lending) your coins to other users. In the below example, Bob wants to stake 100 Bamboo tokens to get maximum return. So, follow five steps to know how to earn passive income in BambooDeFi cryptocurrency.

Step 1. Log in to Tokpie exchange

Bob signs up or logs in to Tokpie.

Step 2. Deposit Bamboo tokens

Bob tops up his account with 100 Bamboo tokens.

Deposit Bamboo tokens
Deposit Bamboo tokens

Alternatively, Bob can buy Bamboo tokens for crypto or with a bank card

Step 3. Select the best APR 

Bob opens the lending and borrowing section to define the best real-time Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the BAMBOO tokens. Then, he clicks on the related line (as on the screenshot below) with the highest APR of 15.09%.

Find the best APR
Select the highest APR

Step 4. Stake Bamboo. Obtain promissory notes

After step 3, Bob appears on the market page. He presses the BUY button and enters the quantity. To make the deal instantly, Bob clicks on the ‘Fill price from the market’. Then, press the Submit button.

Obtain Bamboo promissory notes
Get Bamboo promissory notes

Consequently, 104.71 promissory notes appear on Bob’s balance.

Promissory notes appear in the balance
Promissory notes appear on the Balance page


Alternatively, Bob can bargain on price and try to buy BAMBOO’s promissory notes at a lower price. Therefore, the resulting APR and profit will be higher: 20.44%. 

Bargain on price
Bargain on price in the order book to get a higher profit

After pressing the Submit Order button, Bob’s bid becomes visible on the order book for all counterparties.

BID in the order book
Wait for the execution of your BID

Step 5. Get income

In the above example, Bob purchased Promissory Notes with the June 15, 2021 maturity date. Let’s imagine that now is June 16, 2021. Bob opens his balance page and sees that Promissory notes’ balance becomes zero. At the same time, his BAMBOO tokens balance becomes 104.71 tokens.

Promissory notes executed
Wait for the execution of the Promissory note (Maturity date)

Remember that Bob spent 100 tokens on buying 104.71 promissory notes. Therefore Bob has got 4.71 income (104.71-100) for 114 days. So, that is precisely the 15% APR that he expected to get in the beginning. Now Bob can withdraw, sell or repeat BAMBOO’s tokens staking again.

Yes, that’s so simple.

Video explanation of all the above steps will be available soon. 

What is Bamboo Promissory Note?

The Bamboo Promissory Note is a digital asset that confirms the issuer’s promise to pay 1 (one) BambooDeFi token to Tokpie at the specified maturity date. Tokpie, in turn, guarantees to pay 1 (one) BambooDeFi token to any holder of one Promissory Note at the maturity date.

Any user can issue Bamboo promissory notes and sell them to get a loan. Moreover, anyone can buy Bamboo promissory notes to stake (lend) BambooDeFi tokens and earn returns. Because of internal circulation, users can not withdraw Promissory Notes from the Tokpie exchange. Also, find the list of all promissory notes here.

What is the minimum staking amount?

The minimum amount of the BambooDeFi tokens that you need to have to start staking is one token. 

How can I get a repayment at any time?

To get a repayment at any time, simply sell the promissory notes that you have on your balance. Moreover, You can sell them at any price. For example, you can bargain on price and sell promissory notes with a profit. Sometimes, that profit can be even higher than an income you could get by waiting for the maturity day.

What are the Annual Percentage Rates?

To know the Annual Percentage Rates for the Bamboo, regularly check the Lend APRs of Bamboo promissory notes. As a result, you can catch the best APR. The higher the APR, the more passive income you could get.

The lenders and borrowers are constantly bargaining on Bamboo promissory notes’ prices. Therefore, only users define the fair-market annual interest rates (APRs).

The formula of APR (Annual Percentage Rate):

(1-price) / price / number of days until the promissory note maturity date x 365 x 100%.

What are the strategies I can use to maximize returns?

There are many ways to maximize returns by buying and selling BAMBOO’s promissory notes. Here are the four more popular strategies

  • Buy BAMBOO’s promissory notes when lending APRs are high.
  • Purchase BAMBOO’s promissory notes when the BambooDeFi token’s price starts to grow on the spot markets.
  • Buy long-term BAMBOO’s promissory notes when the BambooDeFi token’s price is on the spot markets’ historical bottom.
  • Sell BAMBOO’s promissory notes when the BambooDeFi token’s price is too high (over-bought) on the spot markets.

So, stop idly keeping BambooDeFi coins. Let your BAMBOO tokens do the work. Earn passive income at competitive and fair-market rates. There are no KYC, no minimums, and no lock-ups. Start collecting profit in your pocket. Earn the income that you deserve.

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