TerraGreen (TGN) Conversion Rates

TGN bounty

Due to the TerraGreen Bounty Campaign results, the stake-to-TGN coin conversion rates were defined!

Important update!
TerraGreen Team is regret to inform that all Bounty participants must have to submit KYC documents. TerraGreen got audit report from a government body and there will be a requirement of KYC documents of TerraGreen users.
So, bounty participants have to submit KYC before 25 July via their TGN wallets here https://wallet.terragreen.io/dashboard to get their coins.

TerraGreen (TGN) coins will be listed on 2 Exchanges in between 16-20 July and listing on one more Exchange between 16-20 August. After three months, TGN will be listed on the fourth exchange.

NOTE: No need to pass KYC if you were buying TGN bounty stakes on Tokpie.

TerraGreen coin sale campaign has finished! The hard cap target was achieved with 49%. It means that the total bounty campaign pool equals to 2,646,000 TGN coins.  So the TGN coins allocation to each round will be as shown on the table below:

Bounty Round TGN coins
Round 1 661 500
Round 2 661 500
Round 3 661 500
Round 4 661 500


Stake-to-token conversion rates

Stake Title (ROUND 2) TGN / Stake
TGN_Stake_R2_Twitter 6.73 TGN
TGN_Stake_R2_Facebook 6.73 TGN
TGN_Stake_R2_Signature 1 587.60 TGN
TGN_Stake_R2_YouTube 114.05 TGN
TGN_Stake_R2_Articles 20.11 TGN
Stake Title (ROUND 3) TGN / Stake
TGN_Stake_R3_Twitter 6.39 TGN
TGN_Stake_R3_Facebook 5.87 TGN
TGN_Stake_R3_Signature 482.85 TGN
TGN_Stake_R3_Reddit 39.64 TGN
TGN_Stake_R3_Medium 55.03 TGN
TGN_Stake_R3_Telegram 142.41 TGN
Stake Title (ROUND 4) TGN / Stake
TGN_Stake_R4_Twitter 4.48 TGN
TGN_Stake_R4_Facebook 3.86 TGN
TGN_Stake_R4_Signature 426.09 TGN
TGN_Stake_R4_Reddit 26.28 TGN
TGN_Stake_R4_Medium 47.25 TGN
TGN_Stake_R4_Telegram 46.89 TGN
TGN_Stake_R4_LinkedIn 38.53 TGN

To know how much TGN you have earned, open the related spreadsheet. Find spreadsheet links below.

Final spreadsheet with TGN allocation (Rounds 2-4)

Final spreadsheet with TGN allocation (Round 1)


TGN coin distribution

? TGN coins have been successfully distributed to all Tokpie users who had TGN bounty stakes on their Tokpie accounts balances. This distribution was made on July 16, 2019, in accordance with the conversion rates revealed above.



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