How to Earn Bounty Stakes on POVcoin Article Campaign

Learn how to obtain POVcoin bounty stakes that could be immediately exchanged for ETH  on Tokpie platform.


50 stakes for 1st submission
25 stakes for every other submission


  1. The Blogs and Sites accepted to obtain the rewards are: Medium, blogger, WordPress, personal websites, third-party websites and any website that is strictly related to cryptocurrencies.
  2. The posts and articles published must contain a minimum of 500 words, POVcoin logo and be clear, concise and explanatory.
  3. The posts and articles must contain the links to:
    – your personal bitcointalk account
    – 1 link to
    – 1 link to Application
    – 1 link to the Indiegogo campaign.

How to join
– Join Telegram group
– Join Telegram channel
– Join POVcoin Bounty support group
– To sign up and report your articles, follow the link:

Spreadsheet (ARTICLES) 

General Terms:
2.7% (8,100,000) of POVR TOKENS total emission to be divided according to the stakes accumulated among eligible participants.

Bounty campaign includes these categories:

Videos:              35%
Signature:          25%
App Download:   25%
Articles:             15%

KYC is NOT required

Bounty campaign lasts until February 15, 2019, or until all tokens are sold out.

Useful Links:

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