Stake YOUC Tokens to Get Passive Income

Stake YOUC tokens at fair-market rates, enjoy early repayments without penalties. No KYC and credit checks.

Stake YOUC tokens

Stake YOUC tokens at fair-market rates. Enjoy early repayments without penalties, KYC, and credit checks. Let your YOUcash (YOUC) tokens do the work! Read this guide to know how to stake YOUC tokens. Alternatively, you can watch a 4-minutes video.

Short video guide on how to stake YOUC and make a profit in two ways.

How can I stake YOUC tokens?

To stake YOUC tokens and earn competitive returns, you need to become a holder of YOUC promissory notes as described below:

  1. Sign up or log in to Tokpie exchange.
  2. Make sure that you have YOUC tokens on your Tokpie account. If you don’t have them, deposit YOUC tokens from outside or buy them on Tokpie markets: YOUC/ETHYOUC/USDCYOUC/WBTC.  
  3. Select YOUC Promissory notes that you want to get by clicking on the related market here. Note that promissory notes have different Maturity Dates and APRs (Annual Percentage Rates).
  4. After you open YOUC promissory note’s market, click on [BUY], enter quantity, price, and press the [SUBMIT ORDER] button (look at the image below). Note that you can buy and sell promissory notes as any other crypto asset.
YOUC promissory notes
Stake YOUC by buying YOUC promissory notes

Can I see YOUC token staking example?

Yes, you can see an example (on the screenshot above) of how to stake YOUC tokens by buying its Promissory Notes.

When you buy 3,000 [YOUC_PN_15_MAR_2021] notes at a price of 0.981 YOUC, it means you lend 2,943 YOUC until MAR 15, 2021. As the result, you will get 3,000 YOUC on MAR 15, 2021. The profit will be 57 YOUC (3,000-2,943).

Moreover, you don’t have to wait for MAR 15, 2021, to get 57 YOUC profit. Alternatively, you can sell YOUC promissory notes at any time before the maturity date!

For example, the price of [YOUC_PN_15_MAR_2021] notes grows up from 0.981 to 0.99 YOUC in 5 days after you purchased them. Therefore, you could sell 3,000 notes for 2970 YOUC. The profit will be 27 YOUC (2970-2943) for five days. That would be an equivalent of 66.97% APR (27/2943/5*365*100%).

A short video example.

What is YOUC Promissory Note?

The YOUC Promissory Note is a digital title that confirms the issuer’s promise to pay 1 (one) YOUC to Tokpie at the specified maturity date. Tokpie, in turn, guarantees to pay 1 (one) YOUC to any holder of one Promissory Note at the maturity date.

Any user can issue YOUC promissory notes and sell them to get a loan. Moreover, anyone can buy YOUC promissory notes to stake (lend) YOUC and earn returns. Because of internal circulation, users can not withdraw Promissory Notes from the Tokpie exchange.

How to get repayment at any time?

To get back YOUC tokens (get a repayment) contributed to the purchasing of promissory notes, sell your promissory notes. You can do it at any time. Just select YOUC Promissory notes that you want to sell by clicking on the related market here.

The selling of YOUC promissory notes is the same process as selling any other cryptocurrencies.

What is the minimum staking amount?

The minimum amount of YOUC tokens that you need to start staking is 1 YOUC. It means that you can use just one YOUC to purchase YOUC promissory notes and start earning passive income.

What is the Annual Percentage Rates for YOUC token staking?

To know the Annual Percentage Rates for the YOUC token, regularly check the Lend APRs for YOUC promissory notes. It helps you to catch the best potential income. It’s called potential because you can sell promissory notes with a profit at any time before the maturity date.

YOUC token lenders and borrowers negotiate interest rates through bargaining on promissory notes prices. As a result, peers are always defining a fair-market APR.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the annualized rate showing the ‘cost’ of borrowing or ‘profit’ earned through lending. The APR formula is:

(1-price) / price / number of days until the promissory note maturity date x 365 x 100%

Shall I pay any fees for YOUC staking?

Yes, you pay small trading fees (0.02-0.1%) when selling and buying promissory notes. The size of the fee depends on your subscription plan.

What passive income strategies can I use?

There are many profitable strategies that you can realize by staking YOUC tokens. Find some possible methods below.

  • Purchase YOUC promissory notes when lending APRs are high.
  • Buy YOUC promissory notes when YOUC token price is going to grow on the spot market.
  • Purchase long-term YOUC promissory notes when YOUC token price is low on the spot market.
  • Regularly buy YOUC promissory notes if you have YOUC tokens’ surplus.

So, what are you waiting for? HODL YOUC and let your tokens do the work! Earn passive income at fair-market rates. There are no KYC, no minimums, and no lock-ups. Start collecting profit in your pocket. Earn the passive income you deserve.

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