How to Earn Tokpie Reddit Campaign Stakes in Round 2

Make upvotes & best comments, posts & reposts on Tokpie Reddit page to earn Round #2 bounty stakes tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange.

Best comment of Week 1

Munareal “The beauty of the Tokpie project is that bounty hunters do not have to wait until bounty program is completed before they can spend their bounty reward. They can get half of their stakes to invest, spend or trade with by swapping their bounty stakes with either ETH or USDC”.
bdboy70 “Tokpie is the only exchange that gives the bounty hunters to trade their stakes. They have brought a new revolution in the crypto ico promotion history. Actually, they have shown that if there is will, there is such new and epic making steps can be done.


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