How to Earn Tokpie LinkedIn Campaign Stakes in Round 2

Make easy tasks for Tokpie on LinkedIn to earn Round #2 bounty stakes tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange.

Best comment of Week 1

CJ KALU “This is just so unbelievable….. Since I came across tokpie bounty on Bitcointalk, I have found it hard to believe that there is a bounty project that lets participants, exchange their stakes for Ethereum or stable coin, in order words, tokpie creates the chance for an early reward, for the participants… I still can’t believe it, because in my experience, there is no project which has ever done this….. Am totally in, wanna see how it will play out”.

Best comment of Week 2

Ayvar Yamaltdinov  Previously, many did not believe that it is possible for ordinary actions in social networks to earn a lot of money until I gave my dad for his birthday a good car thanks to bounty, though not all projects have been paid for my work, Tokpie will help the hunters to rectify this situation and get the rewards much faster!“.


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