Earn Stakes on Kamagames Bounty Moderation Campaign

KGT bounty moderation campaign

Help the team explains to other users how KamaGames works on Bitcointalk forum.

Bitcointalk ANN thread moderation — 30 stakes per week

Only for BTT Jr. Member and up;
Please write in Sandra Evans Telegram chat to confirm your participation! https://t.me/bountysandraevans
You must register here — https://my.bountyguru.com/campaign/220

General Terms
1% of sold tokens (of 25.000.000 KGT hard cap) will be distributed in the Bounty Program. The Bounty Campaign will start on the 13/08/18 and proceed until the 12/11/18. During this time, all participants will be able to earn “contribution” bounty. After the Campaign has ended, we will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants within 3 weeks.

Maximum Bounty Pool: 250.000 KGT (KamaGames Token)
1 KGT = 1 USD

Bounty Campaign Token Distribution:
25% or 62.500 KGT — Twitter campaign
25% or 62.500 KGT — Bitcointalk signature
15% or 37.500 KGT — Facebook campaign
5% or 12.500 KGT — Moderation (chat activity in BitcoinTalk)

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