Learn How to Earn Tokpie Twitter Campaign Stakes

Make retweets, likes and best comments on Tokpie Twitter page to earn stakes tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange.

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Best comment of Week 2

Best comment of Week 3

Best comment of Week 4

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How to Earn Stakes on TerraGreen Twitter Bounty?

Retweet on Twitter to get TerraGreen bounty stakes tradable for Ethereum on TOKPIE platform.

NOTE: TerraGreen Bounty Round 2 is successfully ended.
Therefore, you can deposit and trade ’round 2′ stakes, but you can not earn these stakes anymore. However, you can join TerraGreen Round 3 bounty, earn stakes and also trade them as usual. 


  • The campaign will end on March 06, 2019!
  • Follow the official Terra Green Twitter Page;
  • Your account must have at least 100 real friends and be public;
  • Only 1 retweet per day will be counted (you can do max 7 retweets per week);
  • All your retweets must be public;
  • You must like the post which you are going to retweet;
  • Only week to week reposts will be counted.
  • Twitter accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be disqualified.
  • PLEASE NOTE Your account must be older than half a year. The nickname mustn’t contain such words as “ICO”, “bounty”, “bounty hunter”, “cryptocurrency” and so on. The avatar must not contain the logo of other campaigns, adults content and so on. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.


100-500 followers – 1 stake per retweet
501-1000 followers – 2 stakes per retweet
1001-1500 followers – 3 stakes per retweet
1501-3000 followers – 4 stakes per retweet
3000+ followers – 5 stakes per retweet

How to join:

Bounty program distribution:

Signature:          30%
YouTube:            25%
Articles:             15%
Facebook:          15%
Twitter:             15%

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Earn Stakes on Betform Bounty Twitter Campaign

Share on Twitter to get bounty stakes exchangeable for ETHER on TOKPIE exchange.


  • Your audit score should be more than 85%;
  • Your Twitter account should be mainly devoted to cryptocurrency related topics;
  • You can make your own posts about the project with the link to the project’s official page;
  • You must have at least 100 real subscribers ;
  • Each participant should make reports every Friday;
  • You can make up to 5 shares a week;
  • Register: https://goo.gl/nJxDYv.


100–500 Followers: 1 Stake
501- 1500 Followers: 2 Stakes
1501–3000 Followers : 3 Stakes
3001–5000 Followers: 4 Stakes
5001 — above Followers: 6 Stakes

General Rules.

  • Payment Address cannot be changed;
  • Managers and team have the right to make changes in the rules and requirements during the campaign;
  • Each participant can use only one account to join the campaign;
  • Multiple accounts belonging to one user are not allowed, those participants who cheat or are dishonest will be disqualified;

Bounty program consists of:

Signatures campaign 15%
Translations 8%
Twitter campaign 13% 
Facebook campaign 15%
Articles campaign 11%
Youtube campaign 11%
LinkedIn campaign 5%
Reddit campaign 10%
Download and rate App 2%
Telegram 10%

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