Use Crypto Kombat Tokens To Play NFT Game

Learn about the Crypto Kombat NFT game. Also, find a guide on how to trade Kombat tokens on Tokpie.

trade Kombat tokens

Even if you haven’t played it, you’ve likely heard of it. We’re talking about offline card games. Such games have been around for more than 25 years now. Moreover, millions of people play on them. So, it’s a biggie. But think about the mix of classical card games, NFTs, and mining. It’s precisely what the Crypto Kombat project offers to the community. People can mind NFT (play card) for the game by staking the Kombat token. Read below to learn more about the project and how to trade Kombat tokens on Tokpie exchange.

What’s the Crypto Kombat NTF game?

The Crypto Kombat is a fighting game with crypto heroes. But each hero represents a nonfungible token (NFT) with individual game power and characteristics. Also, it looks like a classical duel monsters card game where players take turns to throw down monsters. Why is it crypto? It’s because DeFi mechanics provide a reliable network and allow players to verify the rarity of the game cards (NFTs) which they own. Moreover, the team launched a farming program for liquidity providers. Therefore, early contributors can obtain exclusive NFTs by holding Crypto Kombat’s tokens.

Crypto Kombat NFT game
Crypto Kombat NFT game

What’s the Kombat token?

The Kombat is an ERC20 token. The Crypto Kombat’s team developed many incentives for token-holders. So, holders can vote for the Hero cards stats, create and vote governance proposals to decide about new game features. Another exciting utility is the ability to stake Crypto Kombat tokens on Uniswap. As a result, a user mints a unique NFT for playing the game and trading.

How to buy KOMBAT tokens?

To purchase KOMBAT tokens for USDT do three simple steps:

  1. Fund your account with USDT. If you don’t have crypto, you can purchase USDT with a bank card in a few minutes.
  2. Open the KOMBAT/USDT order book and place your trade order to buy. Use this instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw KOMBAT tokens to your personal Ethereum wallet or hold them on the account.

How to sell KOMBAT tokens?

To sell KOMBAT tokens for USDT follow three steps:

  1. Deposit KOMBAT tokens on your account.
  2. Open the KOMBAT/USDT order book, and place your trade order to sell. Read the instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw ETH to your personal Ethereum wallet or hold them on the account.

How to deposit KOMBAT token?

To deposit KOMBAT tokens on your Tokpie account, follow this guide. Also, make sure that you are going to deposit ERC20 tokens that relate to this smart contract address. If you deposit the wrong tokens or the wrong blockchain type, Tokpie could not identify your transfer.

Note: Tokpie doesn’t charge any fees for depositing.

How to withdraw KOMBAT token?

To withdraw KOMBAT tokens from your Tokpie account, use this instruction. Besides, you must have an eth compatible wallet address to be able to withdraw tokens. Also, check the withdrawal commission.


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