Bounty Campaigns Statistics: Part 1

Bounty hunters represent the key element of any bounty campaign, but what do we know about them?

Not a secret that a token sale (ICO) without bounty hunters is like a car without gas. So, before the starting your bounty campaign it’s important to know a typical hunter’s profile and patterns of behavior.

The average age of bounty hunters

Young people under the age of 18-34 constituted 76.8 percent of those who participate in bounties, most of them are male.

Bounty participants age allocation

The level of bounty hunters activity

88.7 percent of bounty hunters simultaneously participate in more than one bounty campaigns. Without taking into account extreme values the average number of different bounty campaigns served by a one hunter simultaneously is around 10. That’s why you can see so many different projects promoted by a typical hunter in his e.g. FB profile.

The average number of bounty campaigns where a hunter participates concurrently

Bounty hunters incomes

Most of ICOs and their bounty campaigns are failed. But even successful bounty campaigns attract so many bounty hunters that the resulting income for every participant may be very low. Moreover, a token reward granted to a hunter usually depreciates in value by 10 times when token goes on exchanges. That’s why a realized annual income of a typical bounty hunter was $1084 on average for the period from July 2018 to June 2019. That’s around $90 per month.

Realized bounty hunters incomes

The level of bounty hunters experience

Only 44.7 percent of bounty hunters have more than a one-year level of experience. Looking deeper we can notice that 21.8 percent of hunters have just a 1-3 months experience of participation in bounties.

Bounty hunters experience nominated in months of work

Bounty hunters expectations about Bitcoin price

It’is not a surprise that bounty hunters are the most crypto-optimistic and crypto-passionate people in the world. Otherwise, they would not participate in bounty campaigns. Due to the poll results made on June 2019, 92 percent of bounty hunters expect bitcoin price above $2000 during Q3 2019 – Q3 2021.

Will bitcoin price be above $2000 during the next 2 years?

Top cryptocurrency news sources used by bounty hunters

What cryptocurrency media are the main sources of information for bounty hunters will be revealed soon.

Top cryptocurrency exchanges used by bounty hunters

What cryptocurrency exchanges are the main trade platforms for bounty hunters will be revealed soon.


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