Get ETH Compensation Now

Reputation is everything. Participation in bounties promoted by Tokpie must be profitable for bounty hunters, but if not, Tokpie pays compensation!

To support bounty hunters, who had participated in Crypt-On, Kamagames, and POVCoin bounty campaigns, but could not get a reward as expected, Tokpie pays Ethereum (ETH) now!

UPDATE: This compensation campaign is closed starting from January 02, 2020.

How much ETH can I get

Every user who could confirm his participation in the related bounties will get the ETH compensation in accordance with the Table below:

Project Compensation
Crypt-On Turbo bounty0.00041 eth per user
Crypt-On Content bounty0.00041 eth per user
Kamagames bounty0.00025 eth per 1 KGT earned in bounty
POVCoing bounty0.0000001 eth per 1 POVcoin earned in bounty

IMPORTANT: The size of every compensation is strictly limited to the number of tokens that a hunter earned in the bounty.

How to get compensation

To get free Ethereum, click on ‘claim compensation’ link in the table below.

Project Click below to get ETH
Crypt-On Turbo bountyClaim compensation
Crypt-On Content bountyClaim compensation
Kamagames bountyClaim compensation
POVCoing bountyClaim compensation

Bounty hunters attracted by Tokpie and participated in the above projects have got the following losses: Crypt-On tokens had not been distributed; Kamagames (KGT) tokens will never be listed anywhere;
POVCoin tokens will never be listed anywhere. So, to improve reputation, Tokpie decided to pay ETH compensation to the eligible bounty participants.

IMPORTANT: Tokpie has a right to cancel this compensation program or change conditions at any time.

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