EDriveToken Bounty: EDT Tokens

Join $EDT bounty. Find out the main conditions, get the spreadsheet and bounty thread links.

The EDriveToken brings innovation to the Automotive industry. How? The developers build a platform that combines electric vehicles, smart charging stations, NFTs, and tokenized cars. Moreover, it’ll be an all-in-one app solution. So, to increase recognition, EDriveToken’s team starts EDT Bounty, which will last two months. The reward pool is 9,400,000 $EDT tokens. Continue reading to find the EDriveToken bounty outline: duration, categories, reward size, and terms of distribution. Also, you will find the links to the bounty thread and spreadsheet.

Update: This Bounty campaign has come to the end.

EDT bounty duration

The EDT bounty will be lasting 8 weeks.

  • Start date: June 17, 2022.
  • End date: August 11, 2022.
  • Final checking: August 12 – September 01, 2022.
  • Distribution: September 09, 2022.

Bounty categories and allocations

Also, the EDriveToken bounty has the following categories and bounty pool allocations.

  • Altcoinstalks Signature: 35%
  • Twitter: 30%
  • Facebook: 35%

What’s the Bounty reward?

The reward pool of the EDriveToken bounty campaign is 9,400,000 EDT tokens. So, each eligible participant will get a share from that pool due to the number of bounty stakes earned. To get EDT tokens on Sep 09, 2022, a participant must perform the tasks stated in the bounty thread.

Distribution of EDT tokens

The distribution of the EDT tokens will happen on Sep 09, 2022. So, tokens will come directly to hunters’ BEP20 addresses.


The bounty participants don’t have to pass KYC to receive rewards.

Bounty Thread

To select bounty categories and join the campaign, go to the Bounty Thread.

EDriveToken Bounty Spreadsheet

Additionally, check your status, find the total number of participants and the amount of earned bounty stakes. Furthermore, learn how many coins you had earned in the Bounty Spreadsheet.

Master Spreadsheet

Also, check the distribution status in the Master Spreadsheet.
The green color means that tokens had been sent to the address.

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