How to Earn Tokpie Facebook Campaign Stakes in Round 2

Make reposts, likes and best comments on Tokpie Facebook page to earn Round #2 bounty stakes tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange.

Best comment of Week 1
John Sherwin – Aim: “Ah this is an awesome feature. For a long time, many hunters have been complaining of late rewards distribution (plus low token price) but #Tokpie came up with this to put an end to their misery. Kudos! ?”.

Best comment of Week 2
Ajibola Ayobami Oluwakayode: “The uniqueness of this project #Tokpie is perfect way of earning ETH and USDC immediately for simple online working this project worth 5 ? ? ? ? ?rating and recommending.”

Best comment of Week 3
Ayo Mi Kun: “Throughout all the time have been into bounty have not seen where hunters sell stakes for coin. This alone make #Tokpie special among others.”

Best comment of Week 4
Jon Josef Raymund Reyes: “Tokpie had just created a new way to make bounties less boring and more enticing for the hunters. This will definitely paved the way for other projects to “might” do the same approach as this will encourage hunters to be more engaged on the project rather than just a means to do “just” do it.”

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